Top 10 Questions Answered in Medical Tourism

Having a surgery or a medical procedure abroad is a major decision. Most patients have never travelled overseas and it could be a very trying time for many patients. They have to overcome uncertainty, safety, anxiety, fear and financial concerns. Here, we have tried to address the top 10 concerns voiced by patients.Price: Why are prices so low overseas? It is because the wages are low. Also many countries don’t have hefty mal practice premiums like in western countries. This in the hospitalization Read more […]

What is Your Safety Worth?

In 1999, the Institutes of Medicine asked a simple yet profound question,”If you would not ride in an airplane flown by a pilot who had not qualified on a flight simulator, why would you allow a healthcare Professional to treat you who had not qualified on a patient simulator?”This question went virtually unanswered despite the fact that the healthcare community paid significant attention to other questions raised in the same Institute of Medicine report. It was almost as if by diverting attention Read more […]

Safety Signs Against Danger

Safety signs is important in a lot of places, whether accessible or belted areas. It’s a basic admeasurement to acquaint anyone of accessible and approaching danger. Assurance signs are displayed in accepted places and in added areas which is top blow and restricted. Blush cipher is getting acclimated in all signs for simple identification of the admeasurement how the blow is. RED COLOR agency an actual hazard that can could could could cause afterlife or austere injuries like fire, Read more […]

Medication Management Made Easier for Senior Living

Adult accouchement face a difficult accommodation if allotment an assisted active ambiance for a ancestor in need. Finding a association that offers a comfortable, calm setting, forth with one that addresses assurance and medical needs is acutely important. Technology advancements accept abundantly bigger the administering of both delivered and self-administered medication for seniors. Electronic Medical Administering Almanac (eMAR) Electronic medication administering annal (eMAR) is a software Read more […]